Join us November 3-5, 2017 in Golden Colorado

Join us for the Rocky Mountain Natural Building Conference!  This will be the time and place for builders who are committed to deep green building to come together in one place to collaborate, learn and share.

straw bale conference

Thank you to everyone that attended the 2017 Rocky Mountain Natural Building Conference, a weekend of teaching, learning, and networking. In this 3 day conference, we engaged with a wide variety of topics including building science, high-performance building, and natural building. We heard from industry experts and local craftspeople about the state of the art of natural building.

Please stay tuned for more exciting events in 2018 and beyond!

2017 Keynote Speakers

Emily Niehaus | Community Rebuilds

Emily S. Niehaus is the Founder and Executive Director of Community Rebuilds, a nonprofit whose mission is to build energy-efficient housing, provide education on sustainability, and improve the housing conditions of the workforce through an affordable program. Emily holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Sociology and has worked as a social worker, a loan officer, and a bookkeeper.

Emily is building a better world for the next generation. She furthers her passion of building affordable and energy-efficient housing through savvy networking, successful fundraising, and mentoring emerging professionals. She lives with her husband and son in Moab, Utah.

Jacob Deva Racusin | New Frameworks Natural Design-Build

Jacob is co-owner of New Frameworks Natural Building, a Vermont-based contracting and consulting business specializing in the integration of natural materials, holistic design principles, and intentional process to create high-performance structures of beauty. Jacob also teaches natural building courses at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, Vermont. He has helped to develop the Natural Building Intensive Certificate Program, a 12-week building education program in which a community of students build an entire structure from start to finish in a curricular setting. Jacob has served as program director from 2008-09. Jacob is a member of Seven Generations Natural Builders, a natural building education collective that offers training in natural building technologies across the world. He is also a Certified Passive House Consultant.

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