C OSBA began in 2000 to address the growing need for public understanding of straw-bale construction in Colorado and the surrounding region.  We have held education workshops and annual conferences throughout the state that include keynote speakers, panel discussions, and local straw-built home tours.  In 2012, COSBA hosted the extremely successful International Straw Building Conference in Estes Park, CO.  We continue to promote the awareness of straw and all other natural building materials.  COSBA has held 501(c)(3) status since 2003.

 Our Mission

COSBA is committed to expanding and sharing knowledge, experience, and techniques for strawbale and sustainable building.  COSBA promotes quality building practices and serves as a resource to building professionals and homeowners.

 Our Vision

COSBA envisions a future where natural, non-toxic, low embodied-energy building materials are widely respected, understood & even preferred by the entire construction industry, including designers, builders, insurance companies, governments, code officials & the general public.