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WHEN:  MARCH 1 – 31, 2018

GOAL:  $6000 for continuing code development of Natural Construction Materials.

The gentleman pictured here is Martin Hammer.  Martin is an architect from Berkeley, California, USA, and a member of CASBA (California Straw Building Association), and Builders Without Borders.  Starting in 2001, Martin began volunteering his time to develop and improve local straw-bale building codes in California.  Partnering with other natural building industry professionals, Martin then spearheaded an initiative to establish straw-bale construction in the International Residential Code (IRC).  After 5 years of work and countless hours donated by others, straw-bale and light straw-clay both successfully found a place in the 2015 version of the IRC;  Appendix S and Appendix R.  And since then, Martin has continued to improve the content of the Appendices for the 2018 version, and is currently preparing further work for the 2021 IRC (proposed revisions are due next January).

The Appendices are a great benefit and resource for all natural building professionals, and will likely have an enormous impact on legitimizing natural construction materials and improving understanding and acceptance by the general public.  We, the natural building community, owe a lot to Martin’s efforts.  However, up until now, Martin and his team of consultants have been paid a pittance.

Therefore, COSBA is hosting this fundraiser for Martin Hammer to continue work on code development of natural materials.  The event will run throughout the month of March. 100% of donations that COSBA receives in March will be directly transferred to Martin’s work.  COSBA will keep none of the money raised, and will also match funding up to $1000.